May 06-07, 2014 | Twelve Atlantic Station Hotel | Atlanta, GA

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Additive manufacturing
in metals, ceramics and
composites is dawning.

Come to the first ever event to assess the innovation needs and opportunities in the digital and standards infrastructure that will unleash additive for production in demanding aerospace, biomedical and automotive uses.

  • Understand the gaps and opportunities in the digital ecosystem around performance/production additive: enhanced CAD modeling for complex geometries, the AMF file format, plug-ins, machine APIs, materials metadata, digital thread infrastructure.
  • Understand the state of the art in simulation and control of advanced materials and machine reliability.
  • Gain insight into materials’ standards and qualification timelines and processes.
  • Network with innovators, technical gurus and expert users across the additive value chain and across verticals.

Additive has hit the world stage. However, a growing divide separates the requirements for plastic prototyping versus high performance production parts in aerospace/defense, biomedical and automotive. For the 1000-2000 advanced additive materials in the pipeline, ranging from Titanium and steel alloys to carbon fiber composites, ceramics and engineering plastics, tremendous innovation in the design, standards and digital production ecosystem is required to open a global market worth tens of billions.

Some of this innovation is underway, but much waits to be done, and requires an understanding of each component’s role in the evolving digital ecosystem. Beyond better design rules for handling complex, internal geometry meshes, the design side also suffers from awkward interchanges between CAD platforms and machines (standardized “APIs”), multiple conversion steps along the “digital thread,” and other technical hurdles. The new “AMF” file format (correcting gaps in STL) is in the works, as well as new IT architectures to manage the “big data.” All of this requires coordinated development and sharing of protocols, databases, and specifications, as well as agile entrepreneurial initiative and visionary investment.

Building on the success of Infocast’s Additive/Aerospace Summit, Design for Additive: Software, Simulation, Standards & Qualification will, for the first time, bring together the technical leaders, innovation gurus and expert users to assess the state of the art and explore innovative solutions to interlinked challenges. Additive supply chain players will have an opportunity to network with current and future users and buyers of their products and services. OEM design-engineers will get the latest detailed insights into the development of the standards required for them to more fully adopt additive techniques in their production plans. Software / IT developers, additive contract manufacturers, industrial designers, and venture investors will also make for a robust environment for networking around a new paradigm in 3D design tools and platforms.

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