October 16-18, 2013 | The L.A. Hotel Downtown A Hyatt Affiliate | Los Angeles, CA

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The Must-Attend Business Event for Additive Fabrication Servicing the Aero-Defense Value Chain!

  • Hear from government representatives and global OEMS as they share their business plans and needs from the additive community and the aerospace supply chain
  • Network with investors, equipment vendors, contractors, material suppliers, fab shops and research labs and learn how to become a part of the emerging additive supply chain
  • Get a frontline report on emerging capabilities of additive manufacturing

The advent of metals and other high performance materials to the additive toolkit opens a new universe of industrial applications and markets beyond simple prototyping. The Department of Defense, including DARPA, the Air Force and the Naval Air Systems, have launched numerous initiatives for adopting metals and composite additive platforms for the direct digital fabrication of high performance parts. In addition, top aerospace and defense OEMS such as Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Pratt Whitney and GE are pursuing additive platforms.

However, aerospace applications are among the most exacting of all material-engineering industries, and an enormous amount of work is yet to be done. In order to fully integrate additive into the existing supply chain, a number of issues, including need for scale-up funding, dealing with costly aerospace insurance, establishing materials standards and certifications, and improved process controls, must be resolved.

To help the additive community meet these challenges, Infocast has developed its inaugural Additive/Aerospace Summit: Building a Supply Chain for High Performance Aerospace Manufacturing, October 16-18 in Los Angeles. For the first time, senior representatives from the Department of Defense (DOD), global OEMs, contractors, leading vendors and developers of high-performance additive platforms, materials and software providers, top fabrication shops, national labs and university R&D groups will gather to discuss what they need to drive this emerging industry forward.

The Summit will be preceded by a half-day workshop, Standards for Advanced Additive Manufacturing Platforms, where leading researchers will provide the latest developments in performance, modeling, standards and certification of additive materials and products to enable full commercialization.

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