February 08-10, 2010 | Westin San Diego | San Diego, CA

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The Chemical, Biotech, Biorefiner, Investor and Agribusiness/Feedstock Communities Gather for an Unprecedented Industry Building Event

The era of bio-based chemical products has arrived. Oil prices have risen sharply and may be headed even higher. Chemicals derived from biomass are now getting market share in the $3 trillion world chemicals industry. Many different types of entities involved with converting biomass into fuels or power are seeing the value proposition in “high value, low volume” chemical co-products. Global chemical strategics are making bets, venture cash is flowing, and government help is available. However, as this new value chain boots up to create an entirely new industry, new relationships must be forged.

To facilitate these new relationships and to capitalize on the success of Infocast’s Cellulosic Biofuels Summit and Algae World Summit, the Next Generation Bio-Based Chemicals Summit will be the first event to bring together all the communities needed for this nascent industry to mature. Leaders from global oil and chemical strategics, strategic and venture investors, biotech start-ups, feedstock suppliers/sources, tool vendors, and project developers (algae, biodiesel, ethanol, biobutanol), pulp and paper mills, utilities and manufacturers with CO2 or organic waste streams will discuss:

  • What conditions will be required for these cross-sectoral relationships to prosper?
  • How have relationship-building efforts worked in the past, what have been the blockages, what are the successes?
  • What are the wants, needs and perspectives of players across the entire value chain, and what types of deals and relationships are they open to looking forward?

This unique three day event will allow participants to comprehensively assess the structure, size and growth potential of the new value chain and each of its parts. It will provide the ideal backdrop for participants to meet strategic partners face-to-face and pave the way for future deals.