May 10-12, 2016 | Doubletree Suites by Hilton Hotel Santa Monica | Santa Monica, CA

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  • How will SB 350 and a 50% RPS drive technology needs, procurement decisions and project development?
  • What are the impacts of rate and regulatory decisions on transmission, solar, energy storage, DR, and EE project developments and technology deployments?
  • How will an expanding EIM and CAISO affect transmission and regional energy markets?
  • How will the stay of CPP implementation affect California resource procurement and regional market development?


In October, Governor Brown signed into law SB 350, an energy bill that, for the first time, establishes a 50% RPS by 2030 and also sets the stage for further expansion of the CAISO EIM and integration of western balancing authorities. With a new ruling on extending and modifying Net Energy Metering, the California energy market is at the center of a maelstrom of change that will have profound impacts on strategic directions and opportunities for utilities, power producers, preferred resources providers and customers on multiple fronts:

  • SB 350 and the 50% RPS will drive not only renewable procurements, but also those of energy storage, DR and other fast responding grid assets
  • An EIM expansion, but also the potential of CAISO becoming a multistate RTO
  • The stay of the EPA CPP implementation adds uncertainty to transmission and trading markets across the West
  • NEM 2.0 and the coming mandated TOU retail rates will create winners and losers among solar PV and other distributed generation
  • A new LTPP for 2016 that addresses a large potential shortfall by 2022
  • The California Demand Response Auction Mechanism is opening

Only those organizations that fully understand the complex, confusing and constantly changing California energy market will be able to position themselves for tomorrow’s business environment.

The 4th Annual California Energy Summit, May 10-12, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA, will bring policy-makers together with utility, IPP, energy storage and DR executives to provide the latest information on the opportunities and threats in California and discuss potential strategies for the future. They will not only examine the impacts on California, but also the financeability of projects across the West.

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