January 20-21, 2016 | The Westgate Hotel | San Diego, CA

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Rising customer expectations, expanding SKUs, shortened time-to-market requirements, advances in technology, labor challenges, e-commerce, growing government requirements and razor-thin margins—these are some of the forces that have set in motion a transformation in the way the food and beverage industry distributes its products to market. What will it take to survive and thrive in the new era? What strategy makes sense? How can it best be operationalized? What capabilities and technologies are needed? Where can efficiencies be achieved? What are the costs and benefits?

Food & Beverage Distribution 2016 will provide a unique exploration of potential solutions to the distribution challenges facing the industry—not just a few random presentations in a big expo, but a tightly-focused event devoted exclusively to moving food and beverage distribution to the next level. The event is set to be the foremost setting where industry representatives share stories about their efforts to create the distribution system of the future: what initiatives they are rolling out, what approaches they are taking and what results they are seeing. It is a great chance to stay informed on what is going on in the market.

The event will examine the latest thinking on such topics as:

  • Designing distribution operations and processes to provide competitive advantage
  • Rethinking network strategy—direct delivery vs. centralized distribution networks
  • Achieving more flexible and responsive order fulfillment operations
  • Increasing warehouse throughput and improving order accuracy
  • The distribution center of the future—innovations to keep your eye on and how to prepare for the changes ahead
  • The new wave of automation—when does it make sense and provide the right ROI
  • Labor management—the latest strategies and approaches to getting, retaining and motivating your distribution workforce
  • Designing and implementing first-class food safety and security systems

Food & Beverage Distribution 2016 is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your peers and compare notes about transforming food and beverage distribution operations—a valuable resource for the industry to chart its distribution future.

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