February 25-27, 2014 | Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel & Towers | Mexico City, Mexico

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Gather with Key Industry Players to Build Critical Relationships and Assess Emerging Opportunities
in the Mexican Oil & Gas Market

  • Get an overview of reform legislation and the possible
    impacts to Mexican oil & Gas development
  • Evaluate where the best opportunities lie for new players
  • Assess midstream and downstream prospects
  • Learn about new possibilities in offshore development

Reforms are coming to the Mexican oil and gas industry now that will open up the industry to investment opportunities by international players. With up to 600 trillion cubic feet of shale reserves, Mexico has approximately 10% of the world’s shale resources – resources that could see significant development with current reforms. And, Mexico’s offshore drilling – already expanding in recent years – is predicted to see significant development post-reform.

As the reform legislation takes shape and moves forward, much is yet to be determined. How far will reform go? Based on what is passed, what specific new opportunities will arise? What players will see new opportunities, and where? Mexico’s recent energy minister, Jordy Herrera, has stated that he expects shale oil and gas resources to attract 7-10 billion in investment dollars a year. Some companies are already quietly putting plans in place on the U.S. side of the border in anticipation of the Mexican reforms.

To provide a forum where stakeholders on both sides of the border can meet, learn about the latest opportunities and position themselves as first-movers as reforms overhaul Mexico’s current oil and gas development paradigm, Infocast has developed Mexico Oil & Gas Opportunities: Post-Reform. This is a unique opportunity to meet key decision-makers across the oil & gas value chain, assess opportunities and develop new business as Mexico energy reform happens.

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