May 14-15, 2014 | Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel | Vancouver, British Columbia

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  • Get the latest on Federal & Provincial Mine Water, Permitting and Closure Regulations
  • Hear from Experts on the Water Challenges Associated with New and Re-Opened Mines
  • Learn Water Management Best Practices from Leading Mining Companies
  • Develop Sustainable Strategies and Pick the Right Technologies to Reduce Operational Costs and Environmental Impact
  • 4 Case Studies from Mining Companies and EPCs on Mine Closure, Water Treatment, Coal Mining Water, and Water Reuse

Federal and Provincial environmental rules and regulations governing the use of water resources in mining are tightening as part of the government’s efforts to prevent water pollution. The use, treatment, recycling and disposal of water is becoming a bigger issue than ever before for mining companies – one that requires extensive thought, planning, and execution of strategies to address these challenges.

As a result of these challenges, forward-looking mining operations are turning their focus to sustainable water management strategies. Mining companies who want to stay ahead of the competition must implement and refine water management systems that ensure efficiency, costsavings, and regulatory compliance. Water recycling and reuse plans can maximize profit while reducing operational costs. Only those miners who assess short-term solutions in conjunction with long-term preparation will ensure water regulation compliance and cost-effective optimal production.

Infocast’s Water Management for Mining Series debuts in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This premier Canadian mining water event provides a forum for mining, field service and water technology companies to meet with engineers, infrastructure specialists and consultants to dig into the issues and brainstorm solutions for optimal water management in mining operations.

In addition, Infocast’s special 1-day Mine Closure Planning & Implementation Briefing precedes the Water Management for Mining – Vancouver Tutorial. Attend to gain the information and tools needed to design and implement a successful mine closure plan from start to finish that will satisfy regulators and shareholders alike.

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