June 11-13, 2013 | Wyndham Tulsa | Tulsa, OK

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The Premier Business Hub for Infrastructure Expansion to Support the Mississippi Lime Oil Boom

E&Ps and Field Services:
Get a geological overview and the latest land lease data to inform new field development assessments as well as obtain the latest details of the infrastructure build-out projects that will serve your growing production needs

Midstream, Logistics and Other Infrastructure Providers:
Evaluate current and future infrastructure needs and establish key relationships in order to support increasing production

Capital Providers and Investors:
Learn about investment opportunities in growing infrastructure upgrades to serve the Mississippi Lime

Government, Local Communities and Real Estate Developers:
Identify where future development is needed to keep up with the robust economic and population growth

The economics of the Mississippian Lime Formation shale play have become too good to ignore, driving the tremendous amount of leasing activity that continues to draw companies to the region.† With low dry gas prices, high oil prices and a geology that makes production costs lower than many other plays, the liquids-rich Mississippian Lime Formation shale play is experiencing a tremendous amount of activity throughout the region and will only continue to flourish.

With the right knowledge, decisions such as where to drill, how best to support and where to invest can be made confidently in order to fully maximize this playís opportunities.† Companies and communities that are able to connect with solution providers to communicate their current and future needs will be better positioned to have those needs met.† Those solution providers that are able to get a clearer picture of the existing and future needs of companies and communities will be better positioned to market their services.

Ensure that your company is in the best position to succeed in 2013 by getting the latest decision enhancing information and connecting with fellow stakeholders at Infocastís 2nd Mississippian Formation Summit.† Converge with oil and gas industry experts, community leaders, logistics providers and many other knowledgeable players to discuss the opportunities associated with this booming play.

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Mississippian Lime Formation Conference

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Mississippi Lime Formation Conference