June 04-06, 2013 | Hyatt Regency Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

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Fleet Owners and Developers Meet to Drive the Build Out of NGV Infrastructure

  • Fleet Owners: Gain Critical Intelligence on the Availability of Infrastructure to Support your NGV Plans and Form Key Partnerships across the NGV Value Chain
  • Infrastructure Developers: Hear from Fleet Owners to Understand their Plans for Adopting NGVs and their Infrastructure Needs

The shale gas revolution in the U.S. is ushering in a game-changing transformation in the nationís transportation fuels. Fleet owners can now turn to natural gas as a low price fuel alternative that offers considerable operating cost advantages for the future. The integration of natural gas vehicles into to the nationís fleets, however, will be closely tied to the development of a refueling infrastructure to support this integration.

Infrastructure development is where the rubber hits the road. And, above all, the success of this national build out will require close coordination between fleet owners and CNG and LNG infrastructure developers. The Natural Gas Vehicle Fleet & Infrastructure Summit is the place to accelerate this coordination. It will bring together fleet managers and infrastructure developers to meet, exchange perspectives and actually push infrastructure projects forward.

The event will kick off with a unique platform for fleet owners to share their viewpoints on natural gas vehicle adoption and on the thinking that will drive their decision-making on refueling infrastructureótheir goals, their business case needs and plans and budgets. The Summit will also provide fleet owners with the latest information and insights about the commercial issues surrounding the development of a natural gas refueling infrastructure. It will be a great opportunity for them to meet CNG and LNG infrastructure developers and discuss their strategies one-on-one investment plans and business models.

The†Natural Gas Vehicle Fleet & Infrastructure Summit will be the great interconnection point between fleet owners and infrastructure developers. Donít miss this opportunity to take part in the natural gas vehicle fleet and infrastructure event of the year!

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