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Take your Compliance to the Next Level—and Stay Competitive— in an Increasingly International Nuclear Industry

Get Guidance from the Nation’s Leading Regulators
and Nuclear Industry Experts on:

  • What is in the new export control rules and how they affect compliance programs
  • How to incorporate both the explicit rules and implicit guidance from the newly revised 10 CFR Part 810 regulations in compliance programs
  • How to make the right judgments regarding the jurisdictions that should handle which technologies under new export control rules
  • How to reduce the risk of unauthorized “deemed exports”
  • Staying compliant under the new Department of Commerce regulations regarding “dual use” technologies without hurting your competitiveness

Even as a surge in international nuclear construction raises the importance of accessing export markets to US-based equipment providers and service suppliers in the nuclear supply chain, increased scrutiny is being placed on nuclear exports. After nearly two years of study, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued another notice of proposed revisions to its nuclear technology export control regulations in 10 CFR Part 810, the first major change since 1986. Furthermore, Department of Commerce export control reforms, effective October 15, 2013, will change the jurisdiction for some items to gain approval for export.

What are the most important changes? What changes is the DOE proposing? What is not fully explained in the rulemaking proposal? How might these changes affect you? Only those equipment manufacturers, service suppliers, fuel suppliers, and nuclear operating utilities with the most up-to-date information will be able to stay compliant—and competitive—in an increasingly international nuclear industry.

Nuclear Export Controls 2014 will bring leading regulators together with experienced nuclear export control compliance managers to provide the knowledge you need to implement an effective compliance control system without overly restraining legitimate trade. They will provide an overview of the complex web of Department of Energy, Department of State, Department of Commerce/BIS and NRC regulations, controls and compliance protocols over the export of nuclear technology and services, and provide guidance on how to best incorporate this into an effective and efficient compliance program. General Counsel, compliance managers, licensing managers and export controls executives—get the latest information from leading regulators and nuclear industry experts.

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