January 14-16, 2013 | Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel | Washington, DC

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Stay compliant—and competitive—in an increasingly international nuclear industry

 Learn about today’s thorniest compliance issues from regulators, general counsels, compliance and licensing managers:

  • First update on 10 CFR Part 810 revisions in 2013
  • How to reduce the risk of unauthorized “deemed exports”
  • How to classify your technologies and determine jurisdictions correctly
  • How to handle issues with fuel enrichment, reprocessing and the fuel cycle
  • How to handle exports to “sensitive” areas such as China, India and the Middle East


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Nuclear Export Control Regulation and Compliance


Nuclear export industry experts


Even as a surge in international nuclear construction increases the importance of accessing export markets to US-based equipment providers, service suppliers and consultants in the nuclear supply chain, increased scrutiny is being placed on nuclear exports. In particular, the provisions of 10 CFR Part 810, which governs the US Department of Energy’s portion of the nuclear export control regime, are undergoing a major revision for the first time in 25 years.

These far-reaching revisions are expected to make explicit for the first time controls of “deemed exports” potentially caused by the exposure of controlled technologies, techniques or knowledge to foreign national employees, contractors and visitors, and tighten controls on dual-use technologies, fuel enrichment and processing technologies.

Combined with the traditional difficulties in determining whether a particular technology or service is subject to Department of Energy, Department of Commerce/BIS or NRC jurisdiction, only those equipment manufacturers, service suppliers, fuel suppliers, and nuclear operating utilities with the most up-to-date information will be able to stay compliant—and competitive—in an increasing international nuclear industry.

Nuclear Export Controls 2013 will be the first event of the year to bring leading regulators together with experienced nuclear export control compliance managers to provide the knowledge you need to manage an effective compliance control system without overly restraining legitimate trade.

They will provide an overview of the complex web of Department of Energy, Department of State, Department of Commerce/BIS and NRC regulations, controls and compliance protocols over the export of nuclear technology and services. Regulators, general counsel, compliance and licensing managers will learn how to deal with today’s thorniest compliance issues:

  • First update on 10 CFR Part 810 in 2013
  • Reducing the risk of unauthorized “deemed exports”
  • Classifying technologies and determining jurisdictions correctly
  • Handling issues with fuel enrichment, reprocessing and the fuel cycle
  • Handling exports to “sensitive” areas such as India and the Middle East

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