May 13-15, 2014 | Calgary Stampede | Calgary, AB Canada

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Join the Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Players, Transportation Providers and Financiers to:

  • Take advantage of new opportunities created by the shifting supply dynamics and the changing mix of takeaway options – rail vs. pipeline
  • Assess the latest international market opportunities in LNG exports
  • Discover new investment opportunities for asset development in Western Canada

Western Canada is a global energy superpower with its increasingly prolific production of oil, gas and NGL supplies. Upstream stakeholders in the region are assessing the best options for getting their products to optimal end markets at the best price. The ever expanding requirements for more Western Canadian transportation capacity is also incentivizing midstream companies to pursue investments in a range of projects, from expansions of west-to-east pipeline takeaway capacity, to the buildout of gas gathering, processing and fractionation plants, and even to the commissioning of new LNG export facilities—among many others. Meanwhile, still-existing gaps in this rapidly evolving transportation system are being met by rail, which is now transporting large volumes of liquids to eager downstream markets.

How to optimize transportation planning—and infrastructure investments—in such a fast-moving environment is a challenge that only the best informed, and the best connected, players will be able to meet. That’s why Infocast has put together this remarkable summit, bringing together active players from the upstream, midstream, and rail sectors to provide a unique, absolutely up-to-the-minute view of the current state of oil and gas transportation in Western Canada, and provide an detailed forecast of where it is headed.

Infocast’s Western Oil & Gas Transportation Summit scheduled for May 13-15, 2014 in Calgary will be a remarkable opportunity to keep your ‘finger on the pulse’ of planned infrastructure developments, including the impact of environmental and regulatory opposition in the region, as well as the changing mix of takeaway options. With the information this meeting will deliver and the contacts this meeting will facilitate, attendees will be able to capitalize on the novel opportunities created by Western Canada’s ‘golden age’ of surging oil, gas and NGL production.

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