July 09-11, 2013 | Hyatt Regency Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

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Connect with the Key Players Creating the Industrial Pellet Export Industry of the Future


  • European Utilities – Get a comprehensive look at the North American industrial pellet export industry and how they will support your rapidly-growing demand for wood pellets
  • North American Pellet Producers – Hear directly from European utilities on their pellet needs and get the latest information on plant development, transportation and logistics and finance to support your business strategy
  • Ports, Shippers, Logistics Companies – Get the inside scoop on new opportunities to support the build out of a robust industrial pellet transport and logistics infrastructure
  • Investors and Lenders – Get a detailed overview of the investment potential in this rapidly growing market

Don’t Miss the Pre-Summit Workshop:
Requirements of Pellet Plant Project Development and Financing: From Logistics to Contracts Successfully developing and financing a pellet project is a complex undertaking—with many pitfalls—which requires an acute understanding of a diverse range of issues. The workshop will provide in-depth guidance on these issues from contacting feedstock supply to financing.






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Wood pellets are in high demand in the European Union and this demand has initiated a rapidly increasing new trade in industrial wood pellet exports from North America to Europe. Exports of industrial wood pellets are forecast to nearly quadruple from an estimated 1.5 million tons this year to 5.7 million tons in 2015. For both states and businesses across the industrial pellet trade and transport value chain, this new trade is opening up attractive new opportunities. However, the growth of the industrial pellet export industry will depend on the development of more production capacity, a robust transport and logistics infrastructure and strong working relationships among players along the value chain. Only those players equipped with the right information and able to develop the right business relationships will be positioned to capitalize on this export growth.

As a consequence, Infocast has designed the Industrial Pellet Trade and Transport Summit to provide a forum where European utilities, North American pellet producers, ports, shippers, logistics companies, investors, lenders and other supply chain players gather to discuss the business of building a successful industrial pellet trade and transport value chain. All these groups will share their ideas and perspectives on how best to work together to create a supply chain that can meet the needs of the emerging market in internationally traded industrial pellets. The Summit will be the ideal place to get valuable insight into the emerging market and infrastructure build out; and to interact with the people who will create the industrial pellet export industry of the future.


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