September 23-25, 2013 | AMA Executive Conference Center | New York, NY

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Learn the Critical Techniques for Structuring Power Project Financing in Today’s Market


    Hear from Active Solar, Distributed
    Generation and Thermal industry experts on:
    finance and investment conference


  • How to Structure Project Business Models, Cash Flows and Economics to Optimize Financing
  • How to Utilize Hybrid Deals and Financings to Attract New Investors
  • How to Evaluate Financing Alternatives and Structures for Renewable Energy Projects: REITs, MLPs, Yieldcos
  • Where the Project Finance Market is Headed




Project finance allows companies of all sizes to access large amounts of limited recourse debt and equity capital for energy and infrastructure developments—when all project risks are identified, assessed and mitigated through a complex series of project and financial agreements.

However, the project finance market of 2013 has undergone many dramatic changes. Successful use of this technique in the coming year will increasingly depend on the ability to understand government incentives and obtaining new sources of debt and equity capital through alternative financing structures. Only those with the knowledge of project finance market basics and nuances of this evolving market will be successful in navigating today’s challenging market.

Infocast’s Project Finance: The Tutorial has taught individuals from both large and small organizations to effectively structure transactions for over 25 years, enabling these organizations to raise billions of dollars in capital. The 2013 fall edition will not only discuss the time-proven fundamentals of risk assessment and mitigation, but also provide up-to-the-minute information on how to best access today’s capital and credit markets. This program will enable you to profit by providing critical insights into the steps you need to take to obtain financing. This program presents a unique learning opportunity to master a truly critical financial tool. Project Finance: The Tutorial has been rated the #1 introduction to this subject by thousands of participants from every significant financial and development organization for its thoroughness and constant updates to current market conditions.


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