May 14-16, 2014 | AMA Executive Conference Center | Chicago, IL

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Learn the Critical Techniques for Successful Power Plant Decommissioning:

  • Identifying, managing and mitigating the risks and liabilities in decommissioning power plants

  • Estimating plant shutdown costs and assessing asset retirement obligations and valuations
  • Managing from deactivation to decommissioning—lessons learned in establishing a DDD process, developing effective community relation strategies and more!
  • Controlling costs and managing performance in contracting for dismantlement

With the retirement of more than 280 fossil power plants coming within the next few years, many utilities and other power plant owners will have to manage the decommissioning process for the first time in decades. Utility and IPP plant managers, project managers and decommissioning managers are—for perhaps the first time in their careers—grappling with planning to deactivate, decommission, demolish, and remediate sites while minimizing public safety and environmental risks.

These managers must learn how to identify and mitigate risks, assess plant shutdown and decommissioning costs, manage the plant deactivation process, and maximize investment recovery whether demolishing the plant, transferring ownership or redeveloping a site. How can they manage exposure to potential environmental and safety liabilities? How can they manage the bidding process and demolition while making sure that valuable equipment and materials are safely extracted while simultaneously minimizing costs? How can they maximize returns from the disposition of valuable plant assets and equipment?

To address these questions, Infocast presents the third edition of our sold-out Plant DDD: Managing Power Plant Decommissioning, Decontamination & Demolition, which again will bring plant and decommissioning project managers together with leaders in environmental remediation, demolition and investment recovery. These key industry leaders will gather to provide lessons learned and key takeaways on such key issues as: identifying environmental and safety risks and integrating liability management into the project and contracting structures, assessing plant shutdown costs and retirement obligations, and managing the decommissioning process. They will provide guidance on the bidding process, contracting and engineering. Power companies will get a chance to learn how to recover their investments from aging facilities, materials and equipment, thereby minimizing costs.

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