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Learn the Critical Techniques for Managing Power Plant Decommissioning

A Faculty of Leading Experts Will Provide a Step-by-Step Discussion of:

  • Assessing the most economically beneficial decommissioning option—Redevelopment, Redeployment, Repowering or Scrap?
  • Avoiding liability by managing the decontamination and environmental remediation process cost-effectively
  • Contracting for dismantlement—managing costs and performance
  • Maximizing the resale value of plant assets




150 or more coal and other fossil power plants are expected to be decommissioned in the near future. Plant managers, project managers and decommissioning managers are confronted with the need to determine their most economically beneficial course of action (e.g., repowering, redeveloping, or completely demolishing facilities).

Once a decommissioning strategy is decided on, managing the resulting process is a task that will rival in complexity the construction of a fossil plant in the first place.

Questions abound: How do you evaluate the strategic course of action for decommissioning? What are the impacts of final end use on environmental remediation processes and costs? How do you run the bidding process and manage demolition so that valuable equipment and materials are extracted safely while minimizing costs? How can you maximize returns in disposing of valuable plant and equipment assets?

Infocast’s Plant Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition will bring plant and decommissioning project managers together with leaders in environmental remediation, demolition and investment recovery. They will address how to assess the economics of redevelopment, repowering or disposing of assets, and how the end-use for the property will affect remediation requirements and costs. They will provide guidelines on how to best manage the project, from bidding to contracting to engineering. Finally, they will discuss how to maximize the resale value of plant assets and materials.


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