October 01-03, 2013 | Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown | Pittsburgh, PA

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Explore the Latest Water Management Strategies to Maximize Efficiencies and Reduce Costs


  • Develop optimal water management systems to increase well productivity
  • Learn strategies for sourcing freshwater alternatives in the Northeast
  • Examine innovative technologies for recycling flowback and produced water
  • Assess the most economically viable transportation methods from source to well pad
  • New for 2013! Get the latest on environmentally preferred fracing materials and how they impact your operation




In Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio where new wells are coming online and production is rapidly climbing, water management serves as an integral part of the fracturing process and a key competitive driver for E&P companies operating in the region. However as the proliferation of drilling continues, operators are faced with multiple challenges: reducing the amount of freshwater needed, finding cost-effective ways to treat produced water, cutting water transport and storage costs and solving the environmental and regulatory puzzle surrounding managing millions of gallons of water to properly fracture tight oil and gas wells.

Therefore, operators must apply and integrate optimal strategies within all aspects of the fracturing process—sourcing, storing, transporting, treating, recycling and disposing of water—to keep costs low and maximize recovery. Only those who have mastered both the full range of water management practices and the evolving regulatory environment will be better armed to reap the financial returns on investment.

Infocast’s Water Management for Shale Plays event returns to Pittsburgh, updated for the Northeast region with the latest information regarding the major challenges and developments the industry is facing. This event will gather representation from E&P executives, active field service players, engineers, consultants, financiers and government officials. This series will evaluate successful water management solutions—such as completions practices to reduce water used to frac, effective treatment, storage, recycling and disposal strategies to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs—in the Northeast.




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