May 28-30, 2014 | The Oxford Hotel | Denver, CO

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Leading Industry Experts Explain How to Manage your Water Use for Maximum Cost Effectiveness while Minimizing Environmental Impact

  • Learn industry best practices on overcoming your operational challenges associated with the Sourcing, Transport, Storage, Treatment, and Disposal of water
  • Hear how to reduce water transportation costs by shifting from truck to pipeline
  • Get the latest on new technologies for treating shale water for re-use in the west
  • NEW! Acquire in-depth analyses of operational risks associated with flooding, hazardous air pollutants, emissions and induced seismicity

As shale plays in the Western United States are increasingly developed, the amount of water needed for hydraulic fracturing operations continues to skyrocket. However, the amount of available water hasnít increased, but rather in many cases become even scarcer. This mismatch between supply and demand for water and related services, which is seriously impacting the increasing costs of water sourcing, storage, treatment, transport and disposal, suggests how critical an optimum water management system has become to the overall success of todayís E&P companies.

Marcus Gay from IHS has recently stated that water management is at the fulcrum of the balancing act between the oil and gas industryís social license to operate and its economic performance. Only those who are primed with a cost-effective and environmentally conscious water management system will reap the financial returns on investment.

Infocastís Water Management for Shale Plays event series returns with Water Management for Shale Plays WEST 2014, May 28-30, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. This event will focus on specific and critical water challenges and developments in the major shale plays of the West. This is THE networking and informational hub to understand the best practices used in the Niobrara, Piceance, Bakken, Uinta, and Monterey shale basins. Join E&Ps, field service providers, water technology companies, engineers, consultants, financiers, and government officials in Colorado to learn the economics of good water management systems and gain the tools you need to incorporate innovative technologies into your operation and maximize your economic performance.

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