February 11-13, 2014 | Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, CA

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Come to Storage Week and hear the information you’ll need to be part of this exciting space:

  • Hear how industry leaders in storage implementation see storage’s costs, benefits and technical maturity
  • Specifics on the new 1.325 GW California energy storage procurements
  • Detailed analysis of the impacts of FERC Rulemakings on monetizing storage projects nationwide, including:
  • FERC Order 755 and provision of fast regulation services
  • FERC Order 784 and the path to cost recovery on projects for vertically integrated utilities
  • Updates on the explosive growth in monetizing behind-the-meter storage
  • Progress reports on large renewable energy integration projects
  • Up-to-the-minute reports on Puerto Rican storage procurement

The storage market is about to hit the “hockey stick” part of its growth curve. California utilities have been mandated by the CPUC to procure 1.325 GW of storage, and CAISO and other ISOs are procuring increasing amounts of storage to provide increased performance in providing fast response regulation. FERC is also driving utilities across the nation to incorporate storage’s enhanced performance in evaluating ancillary services purchases, as well as in justifying rate recovery and equipment monetization. An incredible flurry of project developments is projected over the next 3-5 years.

However, with early movers in this market poised to capture larger than normal advantages, it will be essential to growth and success to incorporate absolutely up to date information on the policies, procedures and industry best practices into business plans and to gain access to key players and decision makers across the entire supply and utilization chains of storage services to further storage projects.

To provide this information and the networking necessary to having this sector reach its full dynamism, Infocast has organized a remarkable new edition of its long-running series of events. Our seventh annual event, Storage Week 2014, is the global business hub for energy storage solutions. Join policymakers and senior executives at the forefront of a coming wave of storage deployment. The road to bankable revenue flows is opening for both grid connected and behind the meter applications, with billions of dollars of investment expected in the next few years. Come to Storage Week to learn how to position your company to move from pilot projects to full-scale deployment!

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