June 17-19, 2014 | George R. Brown Convention Center | Houston, TX

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keynote speaker: Governor Phil Bryant State of Mississippi

  • E&Ps and Field Service Providers: Evaluate the TMS geology to establish best drilling practices and completion strategies in order to minimize your well costs
  • Capital Providers and Transportation Providers – Midstream, Rail, Logistics and Trucking: Assess the overall TMS resource potential to design your optimal investment strategy
  • Government Officials and Community Leaders: Connect with the key players to support the future infrastructure and workforce needs driven by the oil and gas boom in Louisiana and Mississippi
  • Housing and Service Providers, Developers: Identify opportunities in future community infrastructure development

Featured Speakers: Kirk a. barrell, president, amelia resources, llc; keith jordan, president, indigo minerals, llc; eduardo sanchez ceo, sanchez resources, llc; robert c. turnham, jr, president, goodrich petroleum corporation; charles cusak, coo, halcon resources; vince vellardita, ceo, paradigm oil & gas; tim white, vice president of u.s. southwest, schlumberger

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) spans 2.7 million acres across Louisiana and Mississippi and holds an estimated 7 billion barrels of recoverable oil. Goodrich Petroleum Corp., Halcon, Amelia Resources, Sanchez, Indigo Minerals, Comstock, EOG, Devon Resources, Denbury Resources and Encana are all actively investing in this proven emerging play.

However, the cost of drilling a well in Tuscaloosa remains much higher than in other parts of the country due to the formation’s unique geological challenges. Producers must develop optimal strategies to lower drilling costs and maximize efficiencies. Only those who position themselves on the leading edge of new developments in the TMS and identify where the most attractive investment targets exist will significantly maximize their returns.

Infocast’s 2nd Tuscaloosa Marine Shale E&P Summit for June 17-19, 2014 in Houston is the must-attend event to get the latest data on geology, leasing, permitting, drilling activity, best drilling and completion practices and to meet the C-suite representatives from the right companies that are moving the TMS developments forward. Key stakeholders active in the TMS play or interested in exploring and producing in the region are brought together with the investment community, service and transportation providers and community representatives to discuss the vast business and investment opportunities in this oil and NGL rich play.

participating organizations: allen engineering and science, amelia resources, llc, american midstream, amite county, asset management, llc, baker hughes dan s. collins, cpl & associates, inc, global hunter securities, llc gold spur trucking, llc, goodrich petroleum corporation, greenhunter water, llc, halcon resources, harvey enterprises, indigo minerals, llc, louisiana oil and gas association, macquarie bank limited, paradigm oil & gas, port manchac/stppc, sanchez resources, llc sclumberger, state of louisiana, state of mississippi, sun trust, tuscaloosa energy services (TES)

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With a potential of seven billion barrels in its midst, the oil and natural gas liquids rich Tuscaloosa Marine Shale has begun to draw the focus of producers.  Extremely attractive lease terms, an already existing pipeline and refinery structure and a geology that makes drilling potentially less expensive than plays featuring harder shale all have the ‘TMS’ on the verge of generating tremendous activity and bringing business along with jobs to the region. Despite its potential, however, the TMS has significant risks and impediments.  Questions regarding risk factors such as rock properties, completion practices, production rates and economics have not been fully addressed.  In addition, there are labor, housing and transportation infrastructure issues that need to be considered before a boom may truly begin in the ‘TMS’ play. Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Tuscaloosa Shale, TMS, ‘The Tusc’, Louisiana, Louisiana Parishes, signal well, test well, tax break, severance tax reduction Primary Audience: E&P/Landsmen, Public Entities, Logistics Entities, Capital Providers