May 17-19, 2016 | The Almas Temple Club | Washington, DC

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Federal Government Officials, Pharmaceutical Executives, Academia, and Public Health Experts Gather to Discuss:

  • ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE: The failure to tackle drug-resistant infections is expected to cost the global economy up to $100 trillion by 2050. The federal government created a $1.2 billion investment towards the funding for antibiotic resistance for FY 2016. How will funding be distributed?
  • EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES: What R&D and rapid response efforts need to take place to prevent diseases such as MERS, Q-Fever, Flu, NDM-1, Zika Virus, and TB? Will there be a greater prioritization for investing towards the prevention of EIDs?
  • BIODEFENSE: A report by the Blue Ribbon Study Panel says the US is not prepared to deal with a biological event. How will funding be reinvigorated? How will public-private partnerships transform?


Though the frenzy from Ebola has died down, it has brought up a heightened importance to prepare for public health issues. Government funding to fight bioterrorism has dried up and the high cost of R&D to develop drugs to combat these issues means new drugs are not appearing as quickly as needed. A recent report by the Blue Ribbon Study Panel stated:

‘There is no comprehensive national strategic plan for biodefense.
There is no all-inclusive dedicated budget for biodefense.’

Biodefense, along with the very real threats of antimicrobial resistance and emerging and engineered infectious diseases needs solutions; and fast.

How can we stimulate the development of new drugs and alternative therapies? What incentives are in place to promote innovation and develop new vaccines? What are the next emerging threats we need to prepare for?

The 14th Annual Vaccines & Therapeutics 2016, scheduled for May 18-19, 2016 in Washington, D.C. will bring together government, private company and other stakeholders from the U.S. and the rest of the world will discuss the future in the war against bioterrorism, infectious disease threats and antimicrobial resistance and the importance of innovation in fighting back.

The conference will be preceded by the Symposium: Rapid Diagnostic Innovation and Preparedness for Public Health Threats on May 17, 2016, which will cover the latest ground-breaking research being conducted on infectious diseases, AMR and pathways to regulatory approval.


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