October 07-09, 2014 | Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown | Denver, CO

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Join mining companies, regulators, water management and technology providers as they discuss how to reduce the total costs of mine ownership by:

  • Securing sustainable sources of water
  • Designing appropriate mine water management systems to maximize the efficient use of water
  • Capturing the hidden value of discharged water
  • Understanding the impacts of the evolving regulatory framework for mine discharge water
  • Applying proven water treatment technologies from other industries to the mining environment
  • Learn from real world case studies by: Rio Tinto and St. Cloud Mining

The mining industry is facing a water crisis! Population growth, drought and high demand have substantially increased competition for water and are creating dire conditions in many states nationwide, resulting in rapidly escalating water prices, and in some cases unavailability of water altogether. Sourcing, recycling and the disposal of water has become a huge issue for mining companies –requiring extensive thought, planning, and the execution of strategies to address. As a result of these challenges mining companies are now struggling to cost effectively comply with increasingly stringent standards for reuse and discharge.

Due to the necessity to reuse mine water, tightening regulatory hurdles and the associated rising cost of compliance; the focus in mining has shifted to the total cost of ownership, necessitating the industry focus on new water treatment approaches and technologies that maximize and recapture costs over the life of mine water. As such, sourcing water, designing the appropriate mine water management system, and uncovering new technologies and methods to unlock the hidden value in discharge water are essential to minimizing costs while maximizing water use.

Infocast’s Water Management for Mining Summit on October 7-9, 2014 in Denver, CO brings together mining companies, water technology companies, regulators, water infrastructure specialists and experts from other water management spectrums. Attend to dig into regulatory issues, discuss best practices, meet and brainstorm new approaches and technology solutions for water management and treatment that will help maximize efficiencies, create sustainability, and cut the total costs of ownership.

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