January 27-29, 2014 | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Antonio Downtown | San Antonio, TX

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Join End-Users and Leading Tech Providers
as they Survey Innovations from the
Entire Water Reuse Spectrum

  • Local & State Municipalities – Discover the latest water reuse technologies and determine the right option for your needs.
  • Commercial End – Users – Compare and contrast the latest available technologies and pick the best option for your business.
  • Investors & Financiers – Find out about investment opportunities.
  • Water Management and Water Tech Providers – Hear from end-users on their reuse needs and how they are making water reuse an integral part of their operations.
  • 5 Real World Case Studies from end users including Oil and Gas, Mining, Food Processing.

Texas has a Texas-sized water problem. Drought, intensive industrial use of water in the oil and gas industry (particularly with the Eagle Ford boom happening in one of the driest parts of the state), and other increased industrial use, coupled with diminishing freshwater supplies are converging and creating an increasingly urgent situation in the state. Of course, the situation isn’t unique to Texas – other states are experiencing drought in the face of burgeoning water use – but in many ways, Texas exemplifies the problems and challenges that must be overcome. Stakeholders in the state are beginning to act, exploring new projects for reusing water wherever possible, and attempting to better allocate competing interests while forging cooperation between industrial and municipal users – but much remains to be done.

Meanwhile, the US water treatment market is projecting healthy growth – to hit $13 billion by 2017 – as new, disruptive technologies create new markets and transform old ones. Technologies that are key to water reuse – membrane systems, disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis, and filtration systems – are gaining strong traction and investment. Water reuse is on a strong upswing – for example, on a volume basis, reclaimed water use in the US is growing at around 15% per year. As water reuse becomes more widely utilized as a solution, stakeholders along the water reuse spectrum need to meet and learn how their needs and services intersect, to fully take advantage of what water reuse can offer.

That’s why Infocast is presenting the 5th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit in San Antonio in 2014. This is a unique chance for water technology inventors and specialists to meet with end users – from oil and gas, agriculture, and municipal users – to assess opportunities and funding, evaluate technologies and the intersecting needs of end users, and move the development of water-reuse forward. Gain up-to-the minute information and the opportunity to make the connections you’ll need to utilize it. We look forward to meeting you in San Antonio at the Summit.