January 28-30, 2013 | San Diego Marriott Del Mar | San Diego, CA

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The One Event That Brings Together Key Players Across the Water Reuse Spectrum to Solve Today’s Water Challenges

  • Hear from end-user water managers about their water reuse needs
  • Assess the impact of innovations in membrane technologies, contaminant removal, and other disruptive technologies on the water reuse space
  • Meet key decision-makers in the booming water reuse market – including investors, end-users, and water reuse management specialists – to access opportunities across the innovation chain
  • Learn how changing regulations and the trend toward sustainability will impact opportunities for water reuse technology adoption






      Find opportunities in projected global water use
      A projected 40% increase in water use globally by 2030, coupled with the increasing scarcity of fresh water and need for water sustainability, is driving finance and investment in water reuse technology, innovation, and commercialization. It’s also making the need for developing cutting-edge tracking, management, and water and wastewater technologies more urgent and crucial.

      Gain an edge on your competitors!
      Developers, vendors and distributors of water reuse and sustainability solutions, as well as investors, are struggling to identify potential water reuse markets, even as disruptive technologies create new markets and transform old ones. It’s an area that’s changing and evolving quickly – and only the best informed and most plugged-in will be able to capitalize on a myriad of new opportunities in this exciting space.

      Make the essential connections
      That’s why Infocast developed our 4th Annual Water Reuse Tech Summit – an unparalleled forum for developers and vendors of water reuse management and treatment technologies to hear about end-user markets and meet with buyers to learn their needs.

      Leading players in the investment community, leading water tech companies, Fortune 500 companies, global manufacturers, end users, key consultants – they’re all here. Need to connect with reverse osmosis, membrane and wastewater treatment technologies vendors? No problem.

      Get all the latest information from internationally recognized experts on current water reuse market opportunities and hurdles.

      Water Reuse Tech Showcase
      PLUS – our highly popular Water Reuse Tech Showcase will once again precede the main summit. In a series of cutting-edge presentations, get an exciting sampling of the latest innovations in water reuse technologies. The panel of key investors/market specialists will also provide their assessment of which technology approaches and business strategies are likely to hold the most promise moving forward.

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