Why Choose Infocast Over the Competition

"The level of the participants is extraordinary."

Bob Noble, Founder, Envision Solar

"Substance, real substance, and unique perspectives from a varied amount of experts in the oil & gas industry. The walk-away was clarity in a field of dynamic changes."

Mark Bitting, President, QC ENERGY

"Here is where the key players from the United States and the globe are all in one place."

Roy Phillips, President, Marin Solar

"Conference was great! Great networking! You folks, unlike your competitors, consistently deliver on your program and venue. You have become my 1st choice of conferences to attend."


"The participants were the decision makers."

Andres Barbosa, Vice President, Banco Santander

"Infocast events are always a great place to share ideas and network with industry professionals."

Jennifer Brickle, Senior Energy Analyst, BENTEK ENERGY

"They are decision makers, they are higher level executives, the CEOs, COOs, CFOs."

Ray Kosanke, National Sales Manager, Alpha Energy

"The conference offered detailed insight into current and potential issues we face in our industry. The quality of speakers and topics were top-notch."

Breton Smith, Director, Product Services, PROVIDENT ENERGY LIMITED

"Quality programs that attract a high level of executive."

Howard Sussman, Attorney, Stoel Rives LLP

"Great conference. Lots of good info on the future of the NGL, oil and gas industry. The networking opportunities are also very good."

Robin Dornfest, Senior Project Manager, BRIERLEY ASSOCIATES

"Excellent opportunity in one or two days to meet your market, your customers and your clients."

Rainer Aranghoff, President, Millenium Solar

"Very good mix of industry players."

Shawn McGovern, SVP Midstream,  OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM

"The right people that you want to network with and advertise to."

Ed Feo, Partner, Milbank,  Tweed, Hadley and McCloy LLP

"Tons of insight into environmental, regulatory, logistical, economic & technical issues impacting shale production. Very impressed with talks and networking opportunities – great conference."

Susan Perrell, Business Development Advisor, AERA ENERGY LLC

"The contacts that I have made have led to a significant amount of business."

William Garnett, Senior Vice President, National City Energy Capital

"Conference has proven to be a great networking opportunity."

Jim Thompson,  Bakken D&C Manager, MARATHON OIL COMPANY

"The people you¹ve been getting here in the financial area are serious players."

David Saul, COO, Solel Inc.

"This was one of the most well-run conferences I’ve ever attended... It was a great mix of attendees and overall a very informative experience."

Jeanie Oudin, Analyst, WOOD MACKENZIE

"A great forum to hear from a diverse, well informed array of knowledgeable practitioners. These people really know what is happening in the industry and are willing to share their information."

Steve Fitzroy, Operation Research Program, Manager , Chenesa Advance Solutions and Engineering, LLC

"Thank you for putting together this first-ever conference on water treatment issues for shale plays. I am new to the industry and found the topics and presenters to be very helpful.”

Frank Vargo, Process Engineer, NOVA CHEMICALS

"The conference format afforded an effective combination of learning, sharing and networking. Well done, Infocast!"

Van Walling, Vice President, CH2M Hill

"Very informative, wide range of topics and angles; perspectives are helpful; discussion was useful for a wide range of attendees from novice to expert."

Rick Duncan, Manager,  Mass Electric Construction Co.

"Very informative conference. Being new to the world of PPP it was an educational opportunity to hear the different perspective from each of the panel members."

Gwendolyn Samuels, Product Development and Promotions, Trinity, Highways Products

"Awesome venue, presenters, panels and format – excellent content and topics. The summit provided an ideal balance between industry education and networking!"

Eddie Bugg, Director, Sustainable Solutions, Alcoa

"Timely and interesting program with excellent networking opportunities."

James McTarnaghan, Partner, Duane Morris

"Good conference: well-thought-out, good mix between large and small speakers... excellent job!"

James Greene, , OptiSolar, Inc.

"Well organized with a great collection of both speakers and attendees."

Ross Christie, Director, Global Business Development

"Very eye opening! Tremendous collection of industry knowledge from production, development and finance!"

George Barry, Owner, Foss and Company

"Great discussion of the challenges and opportunities in this industry presented in a format that even a tax structuring guy like me found proactive."

Gregory I. Broome, Partner, Thelen Reid Brown Raysman + Steiner LLP

"Great finance and investment seminar!"

Ray Kobanke, National Sales Manager, Alpha Energy

"Great panels, very informative, nice handouts and very organized... nice job!"

David Trepozle, Director of Special Projects, Open Energy Corporation

"Excellent content and panel discussion; well-planned."

Michael Allison, Division Director, Macquarie Bank Limited

"Very informative sessions."

Mo Rousso, CEO, HelioPower, Inc.

"Very well organized, interesting discussion and moderation."

Tim Walsh, Senior VP, Silicon Valley Bank

"Informative and well executed conference. Good diversity of speakers and their range of experience and expertise."

Nisa Stroh, Market Analysts, PPM Energy

"A well attended topical and informative conference. Infocast did a great job of putting together industry leaders from all sectors of the solar industry."

Thomas Glascock, Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

"Very friendly and helpful staff. The summit was very informative."

John Illsley, Student, Payson Center

"Impressive panelists, the best collection of solar experts I have come across."

Manuel Cabrenizo, Director, West LB AG

"Solar financing information is critical to the future of the energy industry."

Delray Rokke, Senior Financial Analyst, 3M

"Very high quality panelists and a thought-provoking keynote."

Mike Miskovsky, CEO, Clean Source Power

"All of the panel members are very knowledgeable. The information provided was fantastic and I plan on using it in my future business dealings in the commercial solar market."

John Orourke, Director of Operations, Alpha Technologies Inc.

"Outstanding! A great job of presenting the issues that need to be addressed by integrated utilities, investors, analysts, law firms, etc."

Earl R.  Foust,  President of Utility Division,  Valmont Industries, Inc.

"Excellent mix of industry experts discussing relative topics and business issues. Excellent vehicle to discuss various companies’ perspectives and encourages audience participation. A very valuable conference."

Wendell Klanssen, Manager Market Services, TransCanada

"No other event brings together such a spectrum of industry and public sector stakeholders to dialog about the direction of transmission markets. Panelists were knowledgeable and presented different views, which help sharpen the dialog on these issues."

Geoff Coventry, Vice President of Operations, Tradewind Energy

"Well organized, all logistics taken care of, program well thought out, speakers informative, topics well chosen and facilities were great."

Dennis E. Hrobchak, VP of Corporate Affairs , The Vaillumiating Co.

"One of the best ways to stay current on national as well as local decisions."

Greg Staple, Partner, Vinson + Elkins

"This was one of the best networking conferences I’ve ever been to."

Frank Ettori, Operation Process Owner, Vermont Electric Power Co.

"Very excellent speakers to provide their insights and opinions on the tough topics and issues forced by the Transmission Industry. My compliments to Infocast for having FERC speakers such as Commissioner Spitzen and General Counsel Moot!"

Jay Porter, Manager, Regional Trans Planning, American Transmission Company

"Transmission summit is relevant and informative to my area of work. This is my 3rd year attending and the programs are worthwhile."

Janine Durand, Senior Counsel, PJM Inter Connection

"The discussion covered issues facing everyone in the transmission industry today."

Ruth Kloecker, Manager System & Intercon, ITC Holdings

"Great opportunity to flesh out current industry challenges with government and industry leaders."

Michael Ernst, Senior Energy Consultant, Terra Tech

"Anybody who is anybody in the wind industry is in that room right now."

Keith Martin, Partner, Chadbourne & Parke LLP

"Excellent group of wind professionals together in one room. Very useful conference – I learned a lot!"

Alex Mathews, Environmental Consultant, Ecology and Environment I

"Nice to have leading professionals share the knowledge! Thank you."

Karyn Coppinger,  Sr. Manager of Developme, Invenergy

"Well organized and informative. There were many, very knowledgeable speakers. First Class!"

Paul V Catron Jr, Manager of Marketing, Pascor Atlantic Corp.

"This has been a fabulous learning experience. The speakers were very interesting and knowledgeable in their fields."

Economist Developer, Utility, and Land Owner, 

"Well organized, good food, and great service."

Holly Wold, Project Manager, Whirlwind, LLC

"Competent speakers, very on-topic, well run... good job!"

Uwe Roeper, President, Ortech

"This is a great conference, very well organized and managed and informative!"

Billi R. McCullough, Counsel, Holland & Hart LLP

"The series of lectures were very helpful in gaining a greater understanding of the steps necessary to develop a successful wind project. It was certainly a well-thought-out agenda."

Richard Mukhtar,  International Assets Manager,  TAQA New World

"Enjoyed [the] speakers – [they were] very prepared and good fielding of questions."

James Rhodes, Partner, Rhodes Capital

"Unique opportunity to interact with all the players within the wind industry. Good opportunity for networking. Fine speakers, great presentations covering all aspects from development, research and financing."

Sanjay Remond, VP, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

"An excellent conference for the person who is relatively new to the wind energy market. A wide variety of topics covered and great insight into what it takes to develop a wind farm."

Kim Casey, Executive VP, Fulcrum Power Services

"Well put together and informative. The information gave real data, not just assumptions as other events previously attended."

Susan J. Murray, Consultant, Cottle County

"Relevant and up to-date presentations, good diversity of speakers and topics, well-organized and good adherence to schedule and agenda, good balance between technical and non-technical issues facing wind development projects."

Susan Hunter, Senior Marketing and Resource Analyst, Tri-State G&T

"The seminar was well put together and much more collegial and open to questions/promoting discussions than other seminars. Great speakers and topics!"

Lisa  Conmy, Associate, Foley & Lardner LLP

"Kudos to you and your team for an excellent conference. I truly think you are poised to be one of the leading annual conferences on GHG here in the States. I’m proud to have been a part of the inaugural event."

Susan E. Wood, VP of Business Development, AgCert International

"I just wanted to mention that everyone I’ve spoken with at Infocast has been very helpful. I call a lot of different companies to register our employees for different conferences, and I can definitely say that your company’s customer service is one of the best I’ve ever encountered. It's really is a pleasure to work with people who make your job a whole lot easier!"

Dara Walsh, Management Analyst, U.S. Department of Health

"I thought the conference was great and look forward to working with you in additional events."

Mark J. Riedy, Partner, Andrews Kurth LLP

"It was a very informative conference – much better than most – and we’ll likely return next year."

Charles Pughe, Field Operations Manager, Green Mountain Power